Cinco De Mayo Weekend Silent Disco! 21+

May 3, 2024 10pm

Grab your tickets here!

Cinco de Mayo—it’s not just about sombreros and margaritas! While many folks think it’s all about Mexican independence, let’s set the record straight. 🌮🎉

In reality, Cinco de Mayo commemorates a badass moment in history: the Mexican army’s epic victoryover the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Imagine the scene: swords clashing, mariachi music blaring, and tacos flying through the air. 🌮🎺🇲🇽

Quick deets:

  • 21+ to party (because adulting is hard, but partying is harder).
  • Limited tickets available at the door, so don’t snooze on this fiesta.
  • Dress code: Relaxed. Jeans and sneakers are totally legit. 🙌

So grab your amigos, raise your cervezas, and let’s make this Cinco de Mayo one for the history books! 🎊🌮🎉